Stand CIM4.0 at A&T Fair 2020

  • Client CIM4.0
  • Year 2020
  • Service Exhibition, Development
  • Location Oval, Torino
  • Partner Marina Carbone Architect
  • Contractor P&P Italia

The center aims to provide the strategic and operative support instruments for manufacturing-oriented enterprises toward the digital transformation of industrial processes (from design to production, from R & D to the supply chain, from cybersecurity to the blockchain) according to the Industry 4.0 vision.

Accordingly, the exhibit should represent both through contents and architectural features the mission and the identity of the competence center which relied on the following concepts: flexibility, transparency and concreteness. The exhibit should be highly accessible and visible from the outside. The exhibit was divided in four main areas according to the CIM4.0 main areas of operation: welcome in which knowing the competence center; announcements where to visit the results obtained by the organization; Pilot Lines with immersive experiences on the future CIM4.0 spaces; and Education in which visitors were able to make and interact with material objects.