is a search portal for business intelligence through analysis of public spending documents, such as contracts, tenders, projects and schedules.

To develop the portal, Calibro Zero worked on User Experience and User Interface by processing two different access modes: for subscribers and for outsiders. Two new guideline systems were created to improve the experience of users of the service by exploiting the narrative of the potential of an innovative system that makes it possible to explore public administration data and find new clients.

Working on dashboards, illustrations and colour palettes, a great deal of space was reserved to visualising data in a way that conveys reliability and contemporaneity. The aim was to offer a fresh, user-friendly experience, accessible even to the technologically uninitiated. In order to tell the story of the company as well as possible, Calibro Zero involved members of the Contrattipubblici team in a workshop for a many-voiced individualisation of the brand’s history.