Digital Factory

  • Client CIM4.0
  • Year 2020
  • Service Interiors & Architecture, Editorial Design
  • Location Corso Settembrini 178, Torino
  • Contractor Eurodesign
  • Architect Giorgio Salza, Marina Carbone, Federico Gatto
  • Website

The manufacturing world is in the middle of a worldwide rapid transformation. Planetary urgencies, new production needs and constantly changing standards are just few of the factors are driving the industry to a new augmented dimension: a 4.0 factory in which internal relations between human beings, production means, and spaces must be redrafted.

This is the starting point of an ambitious projects, carried on by the architectural and digital design studio Calibro Zero for CIM 4.0 (Competence Industry Manufacturing), an Italian excellence czentre to realize and promote educational and open innovation programs to help Italian enterprises in their transition towards the industry 4.0. The design concerns the reuse of a former educational space for the realization of a pilot line dedicated to the digital manufacture: a highly innovative space, both in structural and programmatic terms, in which small and medium enterprises can test their products and processes before going into the market.

The CIM4.0 Digital Pilot Line design arises from the demand of a complex and ambitious program: to insert a functional mix, comprehensive of small industrial productions, exhibition areas, offices and educational facilities, within an existing building. 

The new spatial design is conceived to make the building a narrative element, in which architectural elements, together with digital devices and interfaces, help the CIM4.0 operators in describing the tools and their uses in an intuitive and interactive manner. Second, the space has been conceived as largely flexible and reconfigurable. Light partitions, made of curtains, permit to divide the space in specific areas or to mix them in a unique one. The main wall composed by a coloured grill allows different tailor-made elements, such as shelves, furniture, desks and screens, to be easily reconfigured without impacting on the existing infrastructure. All the other pieces of furniture are extremely light and equipped with wheels so that they can be easily moved. Since production lines are rapidly and constantly changing in the contemporary world to adapt to new technologies and market needs, the digital pilot line is a space that can be rearranged according to infinite scenarios, according to the situation.