7 factors

  • Client CIM4.0
  • Year 2021
  • Service Interiors & Architecture
  • Location Corso Settembrini 178, Torino
  • Scientific Curatorship Vittorio Marchis
  • Artistic Curatorship Francesco Carota, Margherita Iperique
  • Exhibition Design Francesco Carota, Marina Carbone, Federico Gatto, Margherita Iperique
  • Exhibition Staging Eurodesign Sr
  • Illustrations Simone Rotella
  • Website https://www.cim40.com

The CIM4.0 exhibit “7 Factors” has been an important opportunity for Calibro Zero, creative studio specialized in the design of digital and physical spaces, to explore and display the value of design as a communicative and transformative agency.

Converting a distributive space into an exhibiting space allowed us to enhance its peculiarities, to extend its possibilities of use, and to establish a new vibrant dialogue between the experience of a place and the communication of a content.

This exhibit offers the opportunity to narrate the transformations of the industry not only through texts, images and objects, but also through their composition, disposition and use within the space. Graphic design and architectural design intertwine to become a unicum in which it becomes increasingly difficult to perceive when one ends and when the other begins.