• Client CIM4.0
  • Year 2022
  • Service Brand Identity
  • Photographer Wired

Axel was born from the teamwork between the technicians of CIM4.0 and Webuild group together with Merlo group for electric work vehicles; Iren Group with Laser Navigation for expertise in remote exploration techniques; Infinity Replay for sensor and digital technology applications; and Thales Alenia Space for preparation for exploration in extreme environments.

We are really happy to have supported the communication of this project, working side by side with great companies in the area!

Axel is also the protagonist and narrator of the adventure “Journey to the Center of the Earth” written by Jules Verne more than 150 years ago.

Specifically, it is a unique prototype in the world that can replace the presence of humans in the exploration of sections of tunnels or tunnels that present health hazards to workers, providing full exploration performance and functionality, being able to move with zero emissions in complex environments, with inclines, obstacles and in the presence of fords of water.

It is a high-performance unmanned rover developed for the inspection of critical environments in the construction industry, which involved Caliber Zero in the support phase of the project’s communication campaign!