Piemonte home design

To generate a new place branding strategy and image that is competitive on large scale international markets: this is the aim of Piemonte Home Design, the unique project that for marketing the Piemontese home design system.

The project is promoted by the Camera di Commercio di Torino in partnership with Cargo Visual Office, Politecnico di Torino, Camera di Commercio Italo-Russa, the architect Gianmarco Cavagnino and Arcos Interior.

The brand identity, developed by Cargo Visual Office  (Brand of Calibro Zero) aims at transmitting, both within the local community and on the foreign markets, the peculiar features of the Piemontese territory. At the center of the brand there are some specific keywords such as care, innovation, and nature, moving back and forth from the territory to the personal sphere (in terms of social relations) and the productive one (in terms of form and functionality).

Through the narrative of the territory, Piemonte Home Design has the following objectives: to position the Piemontese enterprises on the foreign market through a careful analysis of the products’ strength and potentialities, to develop a commercial and branding strategy to promote the Piemontese territory abroad, to develop new housing models that include Piemontese productions, to market these housing types to foreign real estate enterprises.

Moreover, the brand identity and all the communication materials, developed by Cargo Visual Offices, have to represent the absolute novelty of the project in the home design industry, based on the design of new housing models that depict Piedmont as competitive and solid entity in an industry that has many potentialities to be explored.