Lab Mazzini

  • Client Lab
  • Year 2022
  • Service Brand Identity, Interiors & Architecture, Web Design, Development
  • Architect Francesco Carota, Matteo Migliaccio, Margherita Iperique
  • Photographer Federico Masini
  • Website

The LAB concept takes its cue from the name of this well-known Turin bar and restaurant and expands it into an architectural and spatial strategy based on the style and functional characteristics of a “laboratory”: efficiency, cleanliness and control.

After the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic, it isn’t unthinkable for consumers to start preferring unconsciously – and deliberately – smooth, clean metal-faced environments to tactile ones. In addition to characterising an environment with a unique, relatively non-invasive atmosphere, these resistant materials, often associated with clinics and utilitarian spaces, are capable of fostering a certain level of visual trust in users. The aesthetics of the laboratory is already somewhat frequent in the retail sector and now it is growing in the catering sector, too. Lab may be the first bar and restaurant in Turin, and perhaps in Italy, to introduce this very distinctive, innovative atmosphere.

Highly controlled area – Intensive interventions in a small area. KEYWORDS: efficiency, cleanliness, control, reflection, simplicity, innovation.

CLAIM: TASTE YOUR PASSION. It was the English word TEST, the translation of the Italian SPERIMENTA, that led us to the word TASTE (GUSTO in Italian), which confronted clients with an active action: i.e., they can enter “to taste” and, at the same time, “to test” their passions.