Tour dei fossi in battello

The Tour dei fossi in battello, or Moat Boat Tour, is an immersive sound experience among Livorno’s Medicean moats. It is an opportunity to get to know the city and its history, architecture and folklore from a different viewpoint.

In collaboration with Mezzoforte, a company that creates augmented reality sound projects using bone-conduction headphones, Calibro Zero developed a geolocation app, which it also transformed into an audio guide to accompany the tour.

The aim was to give life to a product enhanced by a simple, intuitive interface with very rapid setting, designed to make the user concentrate on the experience. After registering, participants can enjoy the visit to the full without having to scroll the app or click on the screen. In addition to the day mode, a dark night mode interface has also been developed to limit light pollution. The application reiterates the Mezzoforte brand identity in the company’s characteristic colours.