Agami by Mezzoforte

Everywhere immersive sound Cloud platform and open ear headphones for immersive sound experiences

Agami is the first pro audio platform for immersive experiences with bone conduction technology. Sounds are associated to a place of interest, by designing the ecological blend between the natural sound environment and virtual sound sources.Sounds are uploaded to agami by content creators.

They are organized in experiences by cultural, touristic, and performance venues: Public experience is free, both for access and upload. Pro experiences are created by venues: their quality is optimized by advanced audio processing algorithms, and is certified by Mezzo Forte. Venues propose them to users for free or purchase..

Users can access the immersive experiences on agami simply by getting close to a place of interest, thanks to the automatic localization feature.Calibro zero ha curato l’identità visiva di Agami, prodotto della company mezzoforte, la UX e UI della piattaforma, il packaging open ear headphones e la comunicazione visiva della campagna di crowdfunding