Federica Fitness Library (FITNESS E YOGA)

Thanks to her “Dolcisenzaburro” publishing project, Federica Constantini, a fitness coach and former Olympic athlete, is now one of Italy’s top 50 food bloggers.

For the launch of the Federica Fitness Library, the first digital library to be dedicated to fitness, Calibro Zero curated the project’s brand identity, creating a visual identity affiliated with the Dolcisenzaburro branded house.

Drawing on a colour palette designed to transmit energy and vivacity – distinctive features of Federica’s character and her way of addressing and speaking about food and fitness – we identified two different colours for the fitness and yoga portals.

We maintained the enwrite texture that reiterates the style of the Dolcisenzaburro logo, using a condensed bold font to transmit power and vivacity. Combined with the enwrite, it becomes more empathetic and human, conveying a sense of togetherness with users. The texture is also reiterated in the style of the icons. In addition to the portal, the project also attaches great importance to the ebook, which we developed as a medium for video-lessons in different templates.