Design Assemblies

  • Client Camera di Commercio Torino
  • Year 2023
  • Service Brand Identity, Interiors & Architecture, Web Design, Development
  • Location Stamford Arts Centre (Singapore)
  • Partner Camera di Commercio di Torino, Politecnico di Torino, China Room, ID Integrated, Club Asia, Bonucchi e associati srl
  • Contractor Skyy Design Workshop
  • Scientific Curatorship Francesco Carota, Francesca Frassoldati
  • Artistic Curatorship Beatrice Armano, Margherita Iperique
  • Exhibition Design Beatrice Armano, Francesco Carota, Margherita Iperique
  • Exhibition Staging ID Integrated
  • Website

“Design Assemblies” is a showcase of design practices that explores innovation with Italian style, narrated through experiences of Piedmont’s home furnishing & accessories design cluster.

On September 2023, Torino Chamber of Commerce together with Politecnico di Torino and China Room presented an exhibition titled “Design Assemblies”, a community event and interactive exhibition within Singapore Design Week 2023.

“Design Assemblies” presents virtuous processes and products resulting from the design of domestic spaces and enhances the features of Piedmont’s cluster of the home design system.

In the exhibition program, home design is conceived as a decisive element of conjunction, integration and valorisation of the different elements composing the domestic environment. Indeed, design as a radical action takes precedence over the production (and exhibition) of individual objects.

Although the quality of individual objects is unquestionable, coordinated design actions to assemble them add value, enhance one another, and provide infinite solutions. In other words, design objects can become better when “designed” into a whole system coherent with needs, expectations and resources in the context of ever-changing challenges that fit a context such as Singapore. 

The path of the exhibition unfolds along a pavilion showing in sequence four crucial and interrelated elements characterizing the Piemonte Home Design project. A high level of digital as well as analogic interactivity will allow the visitors to explore the different themes.

First, a narration of the Piedmont’s territory – the root and inspiration for the showcased home “Design Assemblies” – is offered.

The second part allows the visitor to discover the Plug-in house, imagined as a playful, elegant space where well-balanced composition results from a holistic design approach that expands the potential of the single elements and makes them work together.

This directly relates to the third part, where the visitors are invited to draft their ideal home through an analogic mood board of shapes, colours and materials from the catalogue of the participating Piedmontese companies.

Visitors can eventually discover more about the designers and companies producing such components in the fourth and last part.

Within the exhibition, the contemporary Italian style of home design and its glorious history are reinterpreted to strive within a global perspective. Home design is shown from the whole to the individual, from the general to the specific, and from the final assemblage to the single production. Very often Italian design is represented by a series of well-known brands and designers, which conceive and manufacture unique and high-quality home products. Yet, this exhibition aims to show home design as an assemblage that adds value to custom-made, artisanal and innovative contemporary productions.