Fondazione Porta Palazzo

Fondazione Porta Palazzo is a collective of associations and committees that has long promoted the Turn neighbourhood of Porta Palazzo and Borgo Dora, giving life to rehabilitation and citizen involvement projects.

Inspired by the values that characterise the project – inclusion, participation, accessibility and evolution – Calibro Zero curated the artistic direction of the coordinated image and the creation of the site. The logo was kept deliberately neutral with a view to the creation of a participatory logo involving the citizenry. The linear sans font is spread over the weights of the four words (from light to extra bold) to make the naming more exciting and communicate the flexibility of the project.

The intersection of illustration – by Monica Fucini – and photography is designed to convey an image of Porta Palazzo. Shots of views of the area are inserted among the drawings and illustrations of various typologies of citizens who, to avoid stereotyping and generalisations, are devoid of characteristic physical connotations, such as skin colour and facial features. The result is an engaging, lively coordinated image based on a colour palette of blue, yellow and orange that conveys diversity, plurality and evolution.

The web portal was developed imagining a container telling the stories of the projects and a platform attracting the attention of the citizenry and users who have come to it from the social media and the newsletter. A great deal of space has thus been given over to fundraising campaigns and the possibility of supporting the project with donations.