Blessed Brands

Blessed Brands is a collective of creative souls, professionals in different sectors who have decided to share spaces, ideas and skills to spread beauty.

The studio was established by photographer Benedetta Marchi, who was looking for a brand identity in line and connected with her own personal brand, but also visually distinct from it. The studio’s different voices – linked by a common vision – are related in the multiple forms of stones such as amazonite, which increases decision-making capacity and initiative, turquoise, which stimulates a sensation of serenity and peace, garnet, which consolidates creativity and the development of new ideas, and moonstone, considered a feminine stone, capable of harmonising life cycles and attuning us to nature.

The colour palette revolves around shades of pink, which communicate femininity, harmony, energy, of yellow, which expresses creativity, and of ochre, which connects with nature. Rose gold, finally, transmits at once lightness, femininity and eclecticism.

The logo, designed to communicate lightness, is focused on the winding element, which conveys continuous change and evolution.