Stefano Gervasoni

In the case of Stefano Gervasoni, a famous Italian composer who has won numerous national and international competitions, Calibro Zero first re-branded his coordinated image, then developed his website.

Inspired by the logo designed by the composer himself – the S of Stefano in the form of a violin –we redesigned the brand to summon up a musical atmosphere with graphic marks and rectangles reminiscent of the stresses and circles in scores. The colour palette consists of a warm brown and parchment yellow that bring to mind musical scores.

The portal was designed with a very regular, linear layout. It reorganises the composer’s oeuvre by subdividing it into single records and catalogues complete with scores, and includes a news section to communicate events and concerts. The layout is enlivened by shaded elements to convey the material tactility of the paper of musical scores and to add depth.

Two fonts are used: Cardo serif, which evokes an elegant, refined imaginary, and, in the body text, the soft, readable Raleway sans.