A. Gramsci school complex in Vinovo

  • Client Ministero dell'Istruzione e del Merito
  • Year 2022
  • Location Vinovo (TO), Italy
  • Partner 2mix ARCHISTUDIO, Area Progetti srl, Caterina Barioglio, Daniele Campobenedetto
  • Risult First prize

The future school is conceived as a vibrant village, a dynamic platform where internal and external space intersects, delimiting more intimate environments and areas potentially open to the broader community.

“FUTURA: L’Italia per la scuola di domani” competition: first prize

Distinct paths connect the ground-floor gymnasium, first-floor library, main hall, and laboratories to classrooms, ensuring accessibility for the broader community beyond regular school hours. The building carefully defines three distinct open spaces, each with its unique purpose, intricately linked to internal environments. 

This innovative design fosters diverse approaches to learning, offering flexibility in spatial configuration. The adaptable furnishings enable varied teaching methods, accommodating frontal lessons, collaborative learning, and creating large and small group settings. Moreover, dedicated outdoor areas facilitate a connection with nature, promoting outdoor learning experiences.

With a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability, the new building embodies the goal of achieving a nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) status. The design incorporates passive strategies to curtail energy demands, integrating highly efficient plant solutions. Embracing natural ventilation for passive cooling in mild seasons and summer, the building minimizes energy consumption from lighting by maximizing natural light. It optimizes heating through strategic orientation and solar contributions.