• Client Homers
  • Year 2022
  • Service Brand identity, Marketing, Web design, Development

For Homers Calibro Zero was responsible for designing a new communication strategy, which resulted in a rebranding, the creation of a new payoff and claim, and a new image for the website and all communication channels.

The proposed graphic logotype for Homers was created by combining the naming with the qualities that characterize Homers compared to other cohousing structures. The “M” flexes, representing a building in perspective, conveying dynamism, while the straight and precise angles of the chosen font communicate precision, professionalism, and personalization. The proposed palette consists of a primary color and two accent colors that convey elegance, coziness, and warmth. The hues refer us to a material and concrete world, which goes well with the more precise and digital lettering style. 

The payoff of “Cohousing for real” stands at the same time at the level of inspirational and explanatory: while affirming the brand’s identity as cohousing, it emphasizes the desire to give the sector an exact connotation, differentiating it from co-living experiences. Finally, “real” becomes a semantic reference to the real estate universe and the real estate segment.

The claim “Where home and community meet” describes Homers as an intimate retreat that meets a larger community of people and services and does so directly and comfortably at home, maintaining the right balance between private and public spaces.