Iioke, a European ICT company delivering innovative products and services, supports producers wishing to integrate the Internet of Things into their value chain through the introduction of Industrial Asset Tracking solutions. Calibro Zero has curated its brand identity, web design and website development.

To emphasise the character of a brand that is constantly evolving – just like the ICT technologies monitored and applied by the company – we chose to exploit the billiard balls that stand out in the naming and are reminiscent of the point locations in GPS services, thus conveying how machinery can be monitored remotely thanks to Iioke solutions.

As for the lettering, we decided to modify the “k” to bring to mind an industrial die, composing an image with a broken line texture to maintain the idea of continuous, integrated production. The colour palette based on greens and blues evokes both sustainability, made possible by the capacity to optimise production and energy consumption, and the world of technology and professional expertise.

The landing page was optimised and designed for the end client and rendered communicational by an explanation of the project in a few steps.