Fresh cut Brand

Fresh Cut’s story is a symbolic one for Calibro Zero, the project it involved – which we oversaw in every aspect – embodying our approach to the world of design and creativity.

Calibro Zero accompanied the brand – a chain of stores in Turin selling fresh produce and freshly prepared dishes, with a special focus on salads – from its inception, supplementing the concept of the physical spaces of its stores with the design of digital spaces (landing page and web app). In order to transmit the freshness and wholesomeness of the produce, we individualised a brand identity that played with the concept of “cut”, echoed in the “f” and the “c” of the logo. The other letters were also modified to make them more sinuous and softer. We also made a thorough study of the brand’s positioning, reliant on the quality of ingredients and emphasised by the choice of brown, a colour used relatively little in the food and wine world but capable of evoking values such as sustainability and quality. The brand identity developed was thus integrated into the architectural concept of the prime store, situated in Via Carlo Alberto in Turin.