• Client Synapta srl
  • Year 2018
  • Service Brand Identity
  • Partner La Spice EDITING Filippo Mauro ANIMATOR Simone Rotella ILLUSTRATOR Enrique Valido Moure SOUND DESIGNER
  • Contractor Modo Forma

We have renovated the brand identity and the communication strategy of, the first research engine for finding Italian public contracts. Starting from the existing logomark, we have created a completely new imagery aimed at strengthening the brand awareness of the digital product. The project’s aim was to define a whole set of both conceptual and visual contents, that the brand could adopt in its communication strategy.

The whole storytelling revolves around a metaphor, based on the contraposition between a labyrinth and a straight line, which is the linear and easy way to owing to the use of These abstract elements are then inserted within the context of an illustrated city, which metaphorically represents the web portal as meeting place (or platform) for public administrations and private enterprises. Finally, a human character has been appositally designed in order to make the target audience identifying with it, and thus strengthening the clarity of promotional sales.