For Valpiana, a local cooperative based in the San Donato-Campidoglio neighbourhood in Turin, Calibro Zero developed a new brand identity. The activity was accompanied by a remote online training course on communication.

The starting point was the rebranding of the old Valpiana logo, while maintaining the element of the three characters who represent the growth of the human being from childhood through adolescence to adulthood. We sought to consolidate the concept of growth and the union of the community with the local area by making the characters in the logo iconic and memorable with a silhouette broken up into three formats and joined visually by a winding line.

The use of colour also follows the growth and sharing process pursued by the cooperative, with a gradient representing the various stages in life as the general background to the brand identity. The colour palette is made up of a warm yellow and coral red – to express proximity – combined with blue, which expresses professional competence and seriousness.

The brand identity is completed by an original illustration by Monica Fucini featuring local scenes and characters. The subsequent mentoring activity consisted of ten hours of learning and vocational training about the digital communication world in which participants explored subjects such as graphics, photography, storytelling and social media management through interactive activities.