Concorso brand sede dell’architettura Torino

In 2021 Calibro Zero took part in a competition to identify the brand identity of the offices of the Order of Architects of Turin and the Turin Architecture Foundation.

Our proposal, TANC – Torino Architectural Next Center – an acronym that evokes the concepts of “containing” and “conserving” (echoing “tank” in English), for this hub of design, creativity and innovation, received a mention from the jury.

Based mainly on a sophisticated, careful use of lettering, the logo was designed to break the dichotomy between past and future by seeking points of friction and contact with the visual language of the Foundation and the Order. Thus, if on the one hand the point of using the principal font (Nimbus Sans) to characterise the acronym TANC was to break away from the typographical structure of the Turin Architecture Foundation and the Order of Architects, Planners, Landscape Architects and Conservators of Turin, on the other the descriptor used the same font (Theinhardt) and weight as the two previous logos.

The cold, bright colours of the visual conjured up the creativity, planning and innovation typical of Turin’s architectural community to promote its drive towards internationalisation and mobility in pursuit of new collaborations and synergies.